One Slow Sunday | Signs of Spring at Chippenham Park

Every year, I always look forward to a family walk through our local National Trust garden to see the Snowdrops. We’re fortunate to have a beautiful display on our doorstep – with the gardens and woodlands at Anglesey Abbey always putting on an impressive show. This year, our walk looked a little different with a Winter’s walk around Chippenham Park; a somewhat hidden delight in the corner of the Cambridgeshire countryside.

It’s our second visit to Chippenham Park since we first explored the walled gardens back in 2017 and the first time introducing E to the beautiful gardens. Adorned with Snowdrops, the sunny, crisp stroll in the gardens were definitely a welcome invitation for some uninterrupted inspiration and creativity – especially so for transporting me away from the anxieties of our current world uncertainties. Finding little moments of gratitude like this have been incredibly soothing.

Snowdrops are one of the first blooms in early Spring and without a doubt, these tiny flowers pack a punch with their beauty and wonder. They’re always a cheerful reminder of what’s to come, and being synonymous with ‘hope’, these glorious flowers feel more symbolic this year as we mark almost two years of ‘pandemic life’.

The garden trail led us towards some wonderful sights of Snowdrops blanketing the grounds of a woodland, dancing along the edges of a little Birch tree grove and decoratively bordering the banks of the lake. Wrapped up warm against the cold and with E happily skipping beside us, we all soaked up the Spring sunshine which tagged along for the entirety of our walk. It felt like the most glorious sunshine which filtered through the delicate petals so beautifully, providing me with the perfect opportunity to capture some ethereal shots of the swathes of tiny buds basking in the sun.

Have you ever looked at the buds of a Snowdrop closely? They’re such a special flower with their hidden details.

It was also wonderful to spot Crocuses in bloom along with the odd Daffodil slowly beginning to awake… A Winters walk with an abundance of Spring colours.

It was one of those walks where I noticed my breathing calm and deepen. It’s easy to overlook how everyday life can often numb us to the subtle movements of our bodies and for me, this is one that I neglect more than I like to admit and has the biggest impact on how I feel. Nature is my instant reset button; my constant inspiration, and I cannot wait to welcome the next signs of Spring and revel in those simple joys too.

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