Stories From The Garden : The Magic of Walled Gardens | Chippenham Park

Caren Barry | Magical British Walled Gardens - Chippenham Park

Oh Chippenham Park… I never would have guessed that such a beautiful garden was only a short fifteen minute drive away from our home – and what a hidden gem of a place it is! This lovely day back in June began as a surprise ‘date day’ planned by James where he had completely thrown me off the scent to his actual plans by telling me that we were travelling into the Suffolk countryside. I’m terrible with surprises, the anticipation of the unknown makes me feel quite anxious plus I usually end up figuring out his plans (he’s usually a terrible secret keeper), so this was a rare treat for the both of us! And to be honest, as I tend to overthink a lot of things, it was so so lovely to have a day out where I didn’t need to organise a thing.

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